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Chat Rules


Please follow the rules added below:

  • 1. erisi, Hotrod or Conway Pop must post pics of hot chicks every now and again. No toon porn and Kim Possible.
  • 2. Do not talk about Fight Club.
  • 3. If you are discussing Star Trek, you must type in all caps.
  • 4. When this baby hits eighty eight miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious S***.
  • 6. Jake and his band go on when they feel like it. You are free to make song requests as long as they are around.
  • 7. You must collect all chaos emeralds and THEN get fifty rings to become Super Sonic.
  • 8. Ten thousand dollars for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.
  • 9. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
  • 10. You can’t have your pudding if you haven’t eaten your meat.
  • 11. Absolutely NO talking about the book/movie IT or Pennywise the clown. He scares the hug out of Spanky.
  • 12. Dinobot must make at least three non-sensible posts every day.
  • 13. Once the thread hits 27, post your ideas for names of the next one, and once it hits 29 start voting
  • 14. Nothing Important Happened Today
  • 15. No Homers. This is a special order from the club that made Steve Gutenberg a star, as well as held back the electric car.
  • 16. Chilly needs his diaper changed every fifteen minutes. He’s a pooper.
  • 17. The more Meatloaf the better, but watch out, he’ll eat your lunch. He’ll do anything for love, including that.
  • 18. Cloones is no longer a choice. Spanky’s not real clear on what that means, so someone fill him in.
  • 19. I can’t get Jurassic Park back online without Dennis Nedry.
  • 20. You call him Doctor Jones, lady.
  • 21. Star Wars>>>>>Star Trek. That was the original rule, and we won’t be tolerating it being changed.
  • 22. TNG>TOS. If you don’t know what that means, it doesn’t apply to you.
  • 23. Diablo hates us all. Cloones.
  • 24. People can only post one song per page, not counting requests.
  • 25. So Cal Val is hot.
  • 26. Final Fantasy 6 is the best one. SHUT UP.
  • 27. Krissy pwns you. Chilly sucks at making rules.
  • 28. If you are discussing Star Wars, you must type in italics.
  • 29. There are no rules.
  • 30. If this is your first day at Fight Club, you have to fight.
  • 31. No peeing in the pool. Shemmy, that means you.
  • 33. When there’s lightning, you know it always brings me down.
  • 34. You have to be 18 years old or over to ride Space Mountain.
  • 36. There is no spoon.
  • 37. Accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of Major League Baseball.
  • 38. If you are in a fight and you lose all your limbs, then you have lost.
  • 39. I DON’T LIKE SPAM!!!!
  • 40. Someone has to sing the Lumberjack Song.
  • 41. The mods don’t exist. You see them because you believe they do.
  • 42. Batista does not do the muscle buster. Only Samoa Joe does. Batista is too much of a mortal to pull it off.
  • 43. Every fifteen pages, (Un)Great Khali must do a short Khali speech.
  • 44. Collect Underpants, , Profit!
  • 45. Women are superior to Men in every way shape and form. Except when it comes to having a member.
  • 46. Who’s on First. Not Second. Not Third. First.
  • 47. Every thread, Khali must post at least one wwe.com photoshop.
  • 48. Velociraptors are the greatest animal ever.
  • 49. There will be NO life lessons to be learned in this thread. Not now not ever.
  • 50. We need a kickass rule.
  • 51. The film Jurassic Park and it’s sequels must be discussed in underlines.
  • 52. Both feet MUST touch the floor in order for you to be eliminated.
  • 53. To reload, shoot away from the screen.
  • 54. Don’t cross the streams. It’s a Ghostbusters thing.
  • 55. Iron Maiden can’t be fought, Iron Maiden can’t be sought.
  • 56. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. That means huging drive faster, the T-Rex is right behind you.
  • 57. You never go ass to mouth. It’s a Clerks references from what I can tell. The new guy wanted it as a rule.
  • 58. Freedom is the other F word.
  • 59. UP THE IRONS!! Now.
  • 60. Don’t take off your robot pants.
  • 61. One if by land, two if by sea. Noah said it or something.
  • 62. Who are you to doubt El Pollo Guapo? He’s handsome.


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